Was born in 2011 in Barcelona, as the dream of a single professional designer. Our main activity is to design and produce top quality garments for the fashion industry.

We aim to supply the main retail companies in the fashion game. We are backed by a proven track record of best-seller designs worldwide. In such a competitive environment, excellence is what has been pushing +Studio’s growth every year. 

We work hand in hand with the main companies in fashion retail in order to fulfill their needs, as well as increasing their performance in the industry. We fully adapt to our methodologies to every of our client’s needs and procedures.


Competitive Advantages:

  • Innovative, trendy and commercial garment design.

  • Proven track record of complex end-to-end garment collections delivery.

  • Expertise in high performance outsourcing management on an international level.

  •  Global Network of partners and professionals, providing clients with fast, high-quality, cost-efficient solutions.

  • Specialized team of product-oriented professionals in the fashion industry.

  • Powerful culture of innovation, collaboration and learning.